“Great party! Any chance I could buy some of this beer?”

Hmm, now there’s an idea! That’s how Rascal’s Beer was conceived, at our first Oktoberfest party, over a fridge full of our finest homebrewed beers.

Four years, 77 test batches, three Bronze medals and a Best in Class at the SOBA National Homebrew Competition later, and we’re launching into the thriving New Zealand craft beer scene.

We brew our own Kiwi take on classic beer traditions, focusing on styles that aren’t seen so often in New Zealand. We’re family owned and run. Much of the hard work is done in Island Bay, Wellington, which we call home. And our beer is contract-brewed by the wonderful Tammy at Aotearoa Breweries in Kawerau.

Long time beer lovers ourselves (we got engaged in Bavaria) we believe there’s a world of wonderful flavours to explore. Rascal’s is a truly independent operation, funded by our day jobs, and if one of our Little Rascals grows up to run the business, so much the better! Right now they have loftier ambitions – one wants to be a doctor, the other one, a rock star!

We love feedback. Just ask the team of discerning palates on our Tasting Panel who sample brews and tell us what they really think. We like to call them the Frothy Rascals and they’re the hardest working volunteer labour around!

Look for our new Oktoberfestbier, coming soon to your favourite craft beer bar. We’d love to hear what you think! Vance and Wendy

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